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Born in the Province of Puntarenas on the 2nd of January 1967, he is 100% Costa Rican. When he was young, between the ages of 8 to 16 he felt a strong desire to work as a fisherman and in turn, became familiar with all of the Islands in the Gulf Of Nicoya. This was a very enjoyable experience for him. He yearned to know more about his country, every corner and every landscape. During this time, one of his biggest concerns was why people visited other countries without truly knowing their own. And so, because of his concern, when he was just 15, he decided not to travel to any other country until he got know every corner of his own. Today, after making his dreams a reality and after a lot of hard work he has created the publishing company. He began by creating tourist guides for provinces and different areas. He tries to improve the website with each edition, thanks to 28 dedicated years of traveling throughout the country, and the 26 years that he has had the company, learning about its people, its culture and its traditions and more importantly meeting friends. This document was financed by tourist companies and also by the consumer, “the tourist.” The purpose of this website is to allow tourists to learn more about this beautiful country, the national tourist as much as the foreign. Thanks to all of the people and the companies that have offered their great support throughout the years, to distributors, friends and others.  ¡Pura Vida!