• Aserri


Their creation and origin was by means of Ordinance Nº 3 of November 27 1882 the canton it is believed.

The name of Aserrí is mentioned in different ways: Ausarí, Aquicerrí, Aquetzarí, Accerí, and Acerrí, among others. You coincides that the term refers to an own name: the cacique mentioned by the conquering Juan Vázquez of having crowned in several of their notes. Is derived of the words indigenous “ac” or “hac“ that it means stone and “seri “that it means slight parakeet. Of there that Aserrí can be translated as the place of the stone of the slight parakeet, according to version of Bishop Bernardo A. Thiel. The canton limit to the east with Desamparados, to the west Acosta, to North with Alajuelita and Desamparados, to South with Parrita and to the Southeast with Leon Cortes and Tarrazú.

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